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    We love live music & if you’re reading this, you probably do too! The Rockin Road Trip is an excellent opportunity for your band to gain exposure in a super-fun way; so just give us a shout if your band wants to be the next ‘Band On The Bus’ 🙂 We’re just getting started & we can’t wait to add video from every one of the bands below to the Band On The Bus playlist above!

    We are planning to rotate the following cool local bands depending on availability & don’t forget that every band member drinks free wherever we go:

    • Art & Marcus
    • Benders
    • Bitteroots
    • Brewery Road
    • Dammages
    • Fat Back Deluxe
    • Flock of Eagles
    • Hold My Beer
    • Honeywood
    • Mar-Tans
    • Maxwell Street
    • Tiger Kings

    • fatback deluxe on inaugural trip unknown musicians + danny fatback deluxe at piedmont park the mar-tans at porchfest